La création artistique coûte cher et je ne dispose pas d'un mécène.

Ma condition pour le moins précaire ne me permet pas d'occuper un atelier.

Si vous voulez contribuer à l'épanouissement d'un artiste, vous pouvez me faire un don.

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Par avance, merci.

Je suis votre éternel obligé.


The role of Art


If Art represents a refined and sensuous feeling, it has not to evoke any sentimental messages. Suggestion is much more important, than statement, while symbols, and correspondences, between words, colours and music have to be sought for and used as the matter to re-evoke Grace and Greece. As a consequence, I completely disagree with the conception of Art as something useful.


Only things that are useless can be truly gorgeous; anything that is useful is ugly, for it is the expression of some need, and the needs of man are disgusting, as the nature of Man is base and weak. Art does not have to convey any didactic purpose; it should express a sense of Beauty, which I consider the ground of Art. Art exists for its own sake, for its own essence, for its own beauty. Life should be a copy of Art, rather than Art shall imitate Life. The clever man would find exactly the same thing in the history of religions : Man has created for himself a God of stone, even more than God has created Adam with clay. So I think that God is one of the most beautiful works of art, the most famous sculpture that has ever existed, a chryselephantine god of Wrath and Fury.




A true Artist has not to be concerned about morality, or even the pleasure that his work might bring to its audience. That's the reason why ignorant people, the peccum mobile, the mob, so obscene, vulgar, and ordinary, call me a Decadent artiste. What is termed evil is an essential element of human progress. Without it, the world would stagnate and remain colourless, as it is a great big white world. By their curiosity, evil deeds increase the strength of human experiences. Through their intensified assertion of our Ego, they save us from monotony. My rejection of current notions about morality can only makes me One with the highest philosophers, who have existed on Earth. If we lived long enough to see the results of our actions, it may be that those, who call themselves good, would be sickened, with a dull remorse and I, that the world calls now a debauchee, a mad man and a pervert, stirred by a noble joy. The wish to provoke an emotional shock is a natural one, and it does not necessarily lead one astray. Most people do not really know why they admire the right thing today though they admired the wrong thing yesterday


Luxemburger queen


For all the students of the class

I was a nancy boy a poofter

Chiefly for the bully and the him-boes

Also for the most learned

Like HJL who read Italian

The same as English

For instead of talking politics

Or preaching the greatness

Of Education in France

Instead of promoting egalitarianism

Of being a sycophant and hurting

The weak and the poor

Seeing the rise of a new aristocracy

Composed of so-called artists

I asserted my individuality

And I promoted trouble in gender

In a University remained

Patriarchal and klein-bürgerlich

Where Judith Butler was ignored

And the artifice of gender too

I had called myself an androgyne

Because I could adopt

The features of one sex or the other

The girls were jealous at me

The boys loooked at me with anger

the old were confused 

The young tried to ridicule me

As an effeminate fop

French couldn't envision a sex revolution

And Muslims saw me as a libertine

they could think what they wanted

They had made me a sex symbol

Gave me the power of a devil

and the ego of a suffer-genius

Gay whities were perverts

Straights so much concerned

With quickies and threesomes

How would I forget

What I had suffered

Who could be called stainless  

Why do people slaughter

Each other softly

The answer to all these questions

Is the absurdness of the world.



Woman is evil made flesh


I do not believe that women bring life into this world, they are usually compelled to do harm to the weak and the poor, because of a lust for power and lechery. They are never true and faithful, they betray and are ready to fuck their way up. My life is an exemple of what women are able to do to succeed. Most of them abuse their own children when others are adders, hypocritical, vain and without any sense of sympathy. A woman only has one purpose: money and they can commit murder if it is needed.


Being gay made me an object of any kind of sarcasm: if you are not seduced by their charm, women think of you as an object of contempt, you become a pervert and a debauchee.




Because women like to mimic morals and cannot envision how shallow and fake they are.

In my inner self, I think that only a father can truly love and this is what I'm looking for when I fall in love. My Significant Other may be young, he shall have the rightness of the Christ, a love so intense I can forget evil.